DB Schenker

We care about growth

We push limits. We are continuously asking ourselves: “Is there a better or faster way?” We unleash innovativeness that moves forward our employees, customers, suppliers and industry. Caring about development and the improvement of our services, we respond to the challenges of the contemporary world. Development is also our impact on the vicinity. We share good practices with the market and we actively support local communities.

Development is entered into our strategy:

Today we are setting goals for ourselves, among others:

We develop our people

We encourage you to be innovative

We are the pioneers of the future, we constantly question the status quo and we unleash innovativeness. We challenge each other and ourselves to do better and aim higher every day.

  • 78%

    of employees submitted Kaizens
    in 2016 and 66% did it in 2015
  • 2,059

    number of ideas implemented
    in 2016
  • 2,292

    number of ideas submitted in 2016

To us, Kaizens mean:

  • Implemented ideas
  • Ideas regarding the improvement in quality and/or the improvement in safety and/or eliminating wastage
Graph 3.1 Ideas submitted and implemented in the years 2015-2016

We plan development individually

We may develop our careers in numerous directions. Everyone will find their place in such a big company with various actions, according to their personal plans and ambitions, interests and character. There are many possibilities of vertical and horizontal promotions.

We plan our career path together with our direct manager.


of employees are satisfied with the cooperation with their direct boss.

Development Conversations take place at the beginning of each year and are mandatory for all employees. Feedback we may obtain from our bosses is the basis for professional and personal development as well as a tool for career planning. It is also an opportunity to account for goals and define new ones.

We are building development plans according to the principle 70-20-10

At 70% we learn by performing our everyday duties, taking part in new projects or voluntary services. At 20% we learn from our colleagues who are more experienced in a given specialty. Trainings and courses constitute 10%..

We develop our competences through new workplaces in the company:

  • We start with internal recruitments: ads are placed in the Intranet or sent directly via e-mail. It is a rule that an employee informs their boss about entering the recruitment process. Their permission is not required.
  • Internal process of promotion: approx. 14% of employees were promoted in 2016 – changing to a higher position or receiving a greater scope of responsibility. We understand promotion not only as a level higher in the official hierarchy but also a change of position which brings the employee more satisfaction and develops their professional competences.
  • Individual developmental plan: we are best developed by tasks which require us to gain new knowledge and skills. These include participation in projects, not only business ones, but also as part of employee voluntary services, accepting additional functions, for instance, a supervisor of interns, an internal coach or the 5S coordinator.
  • Internal training programs for the Talented: 2015: XIV. edition of the School of Leaders (11 participants) and the 9th edition of the School of Young Leaders (13 people).

    School of Leaders

    enhances the competences of managers within the scope of leadership, team management and personal efficiency

    School of Young Leaders

    prepares potential successors to the leaders for the change in their area of responsibility, vertical or horizontal promotion

    Up to now, 292 people extended their skills as part of both these programs.

    In 2016 we prepared "Lean Ambassadors" as part of the School of Leaders. There is an innovative program for the improvement of problem solving with the use of the A3 card. Each participant was solving a problem and was educating one person in the A3 card.

  • Mentoring program: in 2015 we implemented a pioneer program for the exchange of knowledge and skills between very experienced mentors and employees with large potential who are at the beginning of their professional career.
  • Corporate programs: prepare the employee to take a higher position in the structures of the company in Poland and abroad, joint understanding of management principles and method.
  • Trainings and workshops New employees receive a package of mandatory induction trainings. Employees may take part in internal trainings supporting processes as well as extending competences. They also may use an e-learning platform with a package of trainings in Polish and in English. Employees report their willingness to participate in trainings during development conversations. Based on this, training plans for each employee and for the entire Company are built.

training hours for each mentor
in 2015!


foremen went through the new training cycle in 2016.
"Perfect foreman"

We do not keep statistics of trainings taking into account the category of employment.

We care about work-life balance

We offer our employees:

  • partial funding of a health insurance package
  • subsidies for sports and recreational activities
  • group life insurance
  • participation in sports tournaments
  • annual vaccination against flu
  • workshops in order to prevent health problems.
  • 60.2%

    of employees using subsidies for sports and recreational activities in 2016 and 55.6% in 2015
  • 38.8%

    of employees using partial funding of a health insurance package
    in 2016 and 37.4% in 2015
  • 4.48%

    absence indicator in 2016
    and 4.34% in 2015

Employees may receive social assistance from the Company Social Benefits Fund, for instance in the form of partial funding for their and their children's recreation, material and financial assistance granted in specific difficult situation, loans for repairing the apartment or Christmas vouchers.

We educate future personnel

We cooperate with schools and universities all over Poland. We are a Partner of the Warsaw School of Economics. Our managers take part in lectures, sharing their practical knowledge with students. We organize workshops, we invite students for study visits, we are present at numerous students' events and job fairs. We have a website dedicated to students. We employ young people for internships and practices.

90% of interns from the Sales Consulting Trainee Program stayed with us for good.

Every year we organize an internship program Sales Consulting Trainee Program for students and graduates of universities, at least with the first degree title (bachelor or engineer). Trainees on start:

  • they receive an employment agreement for full time for 3 months
  • they have access to all benefits granted to employees, for instance, partial funding of private health care as well as sports and recreational activities
  • they pass through a comprehensive process that implements them into the Company's mode of operation and conditions
  • they pursue their own projects and benefit from our know-how and support of experienced people.

The best can count on being employed and a career path in the Company.

We are ranked 35th in the students' ranking TOP 100 UNIVERSUM Poland's Most Attractive Employers.

Thinking about better dialog with young people – our potential employees and/or customers – we created a Facebook profile DB Schenker Career in 2016.

Dedicated people in the organization manage Employer Branding and cooperation with universities and the job market. They have specific goals, allocated resources and execute various actions and projects, subjected to assessment on a current basis.

We focus on business development

We build a Lean culture

One of the key challenges in today's business is to improve the effectiveness of undertaken activities. Our answer to this challenge is to create a Lean culture – namely the commitment of all employees and business partners in a process of continuous improvement and elimination of wastage. Lean supports shaping attitudes of
co-responsibility in the supply chain. The LEAN culture is entered in our business strategy.

We fight with wastage

We want our work to give as much value to customers as possible. The essence and the goal of the LEAN culture we are building is to add value to customers and to eliminate wastage. Every action that absorbs resources, takes time and does not add any value is a waste. The following losses are the basic sources of waste:

  • Overproduction

    producing faster and more than required

  • Unnecessary movement

    movements of employees that do not contribute to adding value in the process

  • Overprocessing

    inadequate technologies or processes

  • Waiting

    for one process to be finished and the next action can be started

  • Unnecessary transport

    unnecessary and too complex flow

  • Mistakes

    imperfection of the process causing unnecessary actions, e.g. issuing correction invoices

  • Unused human potential

    employees with too narrow scope of duties, limited responsibility

  • Blaming

    looking for a person guilty of mistakes instead of focusing on solving the problem

  • Unnecessary stock

    overstock e.g. goods, documents, files on the computer

Solving problems

"A problem" for us is an opportunity to improve the process as well as to increase added value.
We solve problems using LEAN always in a given order: Facts – Causes – Solutions. We solve some of the problems "at the table" and some with the use of the A3 card. There are also such problems which require a team when the knowledge about the causes is too dispersed. Such approach ensures an effective elimination of a problem and the introduction of a permanent change.

78% of employees submitted Kaizens in 2016 and 66% did it in 2015.

We care about safety and good organization of work

One of the tools supporting the Lean culture used in our organization is the Safety and 5S system. It is a set of simple rules that streamline work organization. The abbreviation 5S comes from five Japanese words:

1. Sort (SEIRI)

Identification and removal of all the objects that are unnecessary in the workplace.

2. Systematic arrangement (SEITON)

Place for everything and everything in its place.

3. Shine (SEISO)

Everyday cleaning; another important goal of this step is also to eliminate sources of mess in the workplace.

4. Standardize (SEIKETSU)

Documentation and standardization of all solutions and practices worked out during the first three steps.

5. Sustain (SHITSUKE)

All actions supporting the maintenance of the first four "S", particularly including audits.

If used properly, the 5S rules result in the improvement of safety, efficiency in the workplace environment and the reduction of waste. This way we prevent mistakes.

We introduce X-site in Poland

The DB Schenker Group implements an improvement program "Standard of Business Maturity X-site" in contract logistics.

This solution makes it possible to assess business maturity in the following areas:

  • managing relationships with customers and suppliers,
  • finance management,
  • employees and Lean leadership,
  • process optimization,
  • health, safety and the environment.

A classification is kept as part of the standard. Four grades may be obtained: developing, bronze, silver, gold. Our warehouse in Teresin was chosen out of approx. 650 locations all over the world in which this standard is fully implemented after the pilot phase.

Polish warehouse obtained the best grade in the entire DB Schenker Group.

The logistics warehouse in Teresin obtained the BRONZE grade as the first warehouse in the world. This is the highest grade in DB Schenker so far.

Teresin is one of the most mature locations in the entire contract logistics in the organization in terms of Lean. Hard work, enormous motivation and the passion of colleagues from Teresin caused a dynamic growth of this location in the recent years.

We operate according to EFQM

We operate according to the EFQM model (European Foundation for Quality Management based in Brussels). The basis for effective management for us is good relationships with stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers and other partners, taking their expectations into account. Therefore, we are developing such values as teamwork, innovativeness, mutual trust and co-responsibility in our organization.

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model:

  • identification of current strengths and opportunities for improvement,
  • ensuring an efficient performance of the organization's strategy,
  • systematization, orientation and ensuring the efficiency of the process of improvement,
  • improvement in results,
  • increase in the initiative and creativity of employees,
  • possibility of comparison with the best in Europe.

We help to improve the customer's processes

We look beyond the existing and ask ourselves ‘Is there a better or faster way?’

We support customers, offering them improvement and advisory actions in their supply chains..

We analyze the expectations of the market and of our customers, and we respond to their needs. We are developing services offered by us. We are a logistics advisor.

We appoint interdisciplinary teams composed of top class specialists which:

  • create dedicated logistics solutions with the customers,
  • eliminate wastage in processes using Lean tools,
  • have knowledge regarding the optimization of supply chains,
  • act on the basis of a certified project management methodology.

The project teams have specific goals and meters, and the actions and results are assessed on a current basis. We are in constant dialog with our customers, we receive feedback on implemented improvements.

We are implementing modern technologies

We put our customers at the heart of our business. We offer them a complete service process supported by modern IT solutions.

In 2016 we updated eSchenker, namely a modern application connecting all global e-services. Thanks to that we accelerate the process and reduce the consumption of paper.

eSchenker for customers:

  • effective, fast and convenient management of logistics processes in one place
  • access to information regarding all means of transport – without logging in to several systems
  • greater transparency – comprehensive control over consignments
  • saves time and reduces costs
e-Schenker: your one stop shop for managing and optimizing your supply chain

In addition, we support our customers in their environmental policy offering them tools like e-invoice, ECO calculator and the Emission Report.

We are also developing modern forms of communication with our suppliers. Global IT innovations support the process of automation and digitalization of our business thus increasing our efficiency and profitability. In 2016 the DB Schenker Group invested USD 25 million in cooperation with uShip, an American on-line shipping marketplace. As a result, we gained access to the latest technologies and we intensified the digital transformation of our business model. uShip and DB Schenker are perfectly matched partners in the macro-transformation process and IT innovations in logistics.

The Drive4Schenker application

revolutionizes the method of managing cargo in transport. It is an on-line platform where demand meets with supply. On the one hand, it gives access to cargo and, on the other hand, it gives access to free transport space in our vehicles. It improves communication and affects the better filling of vehicles.

The implementation of innovative IT technologies improves processes and builds the competitive advantage of our organization. We appoint dedicated teams managing specific projects. The leaders have specific goals and meters, and the actions and results are assessed on a current basis.

The Computerworld magazine honored us with the title Leader of Computer Science of Two Decades.

The titles Leader of Computer Science have been granted for twenty years. Our company has won this prize three times so far, in 1999 (Spedpol), 2000 and 2008. In connection with the 20th anniversary, the editors of the Computerworld magazine decided to honor the companies and institutions taking part in the ranking awarded most often. Prizes were granted in six categories. Our company won the prize Leader of Computer Science of Two Decades in the category Trade and services.

We measure what we do

We use a number of indicators which are used to control the performed service at various stages. We address meters in a comprehensive manner, taking into account the customer's perception (wing to wing) as well as various impacting factors, e.g. costs, time, labor consumption, impact on the environment. This approach allows us to see more and reach the root causes of situations and results.

We measure our processes end-to-end, namely from the actual beginning of the operation, e.g. an event being the cause for a complaint, until the final decision in the matter is made. We measure the punctuality and the completeness of consignments, as well as the correctness of invoices. These indicators provide information whether the consignments were delivered complete and correct (without damage, lost, with timely settled return documents and a confirmed delivery to the recipient), on time and whether a proper invoice was issued. We are implementing improvement actions on a current basis and we are monitoring the results. We use new solutions, e.g. we equipped 2,000 of our couriers with mobile devices allowing us to inform the customer about the status of their consignment.


of our couriers were equipped with mobile devices

Business Continuity Plans

The purpose of the implementation of Business Continuity Plans is to:

  • eliminate the negative effects of a possible failure or disaster as fast as possible,
  • restore the regular mode of operation and operational capacity so that the business partners are not affected by the negative consequences of the situation.

We are continuously improving

As part of the LEAN culture, the results are discussed during everyday briefings both with the Company's employees as well as with carriers & couriers. Problems in the implementation of assumed goals are defined during the meetings. Then, we suggest actions aimed at solving these problems.

The implemented actions are subject to subsequent PDCA cycles (Plan, Do, Check, Act) so as to adapt to the changing reality on a current basis.

We include suppliers in processes

We value the knowledge and contribution of our suppliers into the development of DB Schenker. For this reason we invite many suppliers to participate in selected projects. Through participation in project teams, the suppliers may learn about our needs better and suggest the best solutions as experts.

During offer contests we always try to clearly define the requirements for suppliers, expressly specifying the conditions of a good offer as well. We provide feedback and we discuss problems in an open manner: we organize meetings and workshops with suppliers during which we usually try to develop satisfactory solutions together.

We invite our suppliers to participate in voluntary projects. Almost 50 carriers and 90 couriers participate in every edition of the Program Time to Help. The suppliers also support our involvement in the campaign Szlachetna Paczka [Noble Box].


carriers participate in every edition of the Program Time to Help


couriers participate in every edition of the Program Time to Help

We support the development of the neighborhood

We initiate, integrate and inspire

We conduct a research project "DB Schenker as the Preferred Neighbor" on a regular basis. Based on obtained results, we plan actions related to social commitment in specific locations of the company.

According to our neighbors:

  • we initiate campaigns and events addressed to inhabitants
  • we integrate the community around a given idea
  • we inspire others to participate in social and economic actions

The voluntary program Time to Help is addressed to local communities. In this way we try to support important initiatives and help solve local problems. We place emphasis on ecology and education in safe behavior in road traffic. We also cooperate with many organizations providing them with our logistics know-how necessary for their functioning. We are present at many universities, sharing our practical knowledge.

Our employees know how important it is that the Company is involved in charity actions and support for local communities. As many as 84% of people pointed out the importance of this area in an employee satisfaction survey in 2016.

84% of employees believe that the Company's involvement in charity actions and support for local communities is important

Corporate volunteering

We have implemented an corporate volunteering program - Time for Help. It is implemented in two cycles a year: Christmas Time for Help and Green Time for Help.

In 2015 we received the prize "Benefactor of the Year" in the category corporate volunteering

In 2015 we received the prize "Benefactor of the Year" in the category corporate volunteering. The contest is organized by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, and companies are evaluated by an independent jury.

We perform the actions in partnership with non-governmental organizations and public institutions. We invite business partners – customers and suppliers, to participate in the projects. We jointly educate children and teenagers, repair buildings and playgrounds, plant trees, arrange green areas and help animals. It is the employees who decide whom and how they want to help. They are supported by a team of key managers assessing projects intended for implementation from among the submitted ideas.

The conditions necessary for receiving a financial grant from DB Schenker include: focusing the actions on the local community and their implementation in cooperation with the representatives of a non-governmental organization, a public institution, customers and suppliers (carriers, couriers) as well as the need to implement the project in teamwork.

The possibility to participate in employee voluntary services is important for the employees. As many as 73% of them pointed out this area as significant in the employee satisfaction survey in 2016.

For 73%

our employees the possibility to participate in corporate volunteering is important/p>

In 2016 we evaluated the employee voluntary service program, using the Lean approach and the A3 card.

We learned what the main benefits voluntary service gives to our employees are, and what are the barriers for commitment. The survey among project leaders made it possible to answer the question why employees undertake the role of a project leader, what motivates them and what challenges they face. We learned about their expectations regarding the forms of support and we learned what skills and competences they develop.

All this allows us to plan better, organize, communicate and report actions related to employee voluntary services. Such approach is also reflected in better results of the program, greater satisfaction of volunteers and involved partners as well as in the quality of actions for the recipients in local communities.

Interesting facts from the evaluation:

  • the greatest benefit of participation in the voluntary project for 92% of the surveyed volunteers is the satisfaction from helping people in need. The second most important benefit, according to them, is strengthening the relations in work and team integration
  • the most important form of project support for project leaders beyond financing is an accepting and supporting boss.
The boss's involvement is one of the major incentives to participate in volunteering

The boss's involvement increases the prestige of the project and confirms its significance in the eyes of the employees. A good example "from the top" supports cooperation, wipes out barriers between teams and mobilizes people to act.

We help in what we can do best

We use our experience and global know-how providing logistics services for various events, including charitable campaigns organized by social organizations. We support large, nationwide projects providing our partners with knowledge in logistics in which we specialize.

PLN 14,352

donations to non-governmental organizations in 2016 and PLN 19,512 in 2015

Our Earth and Clean Up the World

We support Clean Up the World

Every year, at the turn of August and September, we are responsible for the distribution of promotional materials for the Clean Up the World campaign. Parcels from Warsaw reach nearly 500 schools and other locations involved in the campaign via the logistics network of DB Schenker.

Food Banks

We help Food Banks

We provide free transport of food which, through selected Banks, reaches the poorest inhabitants of our country. We work with the Olsztyn, Lublin and Białystok branches of Food Banks.

In 2015 we received the Benefactor Certificate from the Food Bank in Olsztyn. Our Company received acknowledgements – in particular the Olsztyn Branch, for 15 years of cooperation.

15 years

of cooperation of our Company with the Food Bank in Olsztyn

Noble Box

The Spring Association grants us the status "Friend and Strategic Partner of Noble Box" at a ceremony ending the campaign

Every year, we provide logistics support for the campaign by delivering packages to warehouses all over Poland in cooperation with our carriers and couriers. Our employees are also involved in the campaign as they prepare the packages for the needy families.

  • 70

    trucks supported the campaign Noble Box in the years 2015/16
  • 30,000

    packages transported to the warehouses of the Spring Association
  • 2,000

    families received aid

Every year, the Spring Association grants us the status "Friend and Strategic Partner of Noble Box" at a ceremony ending the campaign.

In 2016 our employees prepared packages worth approx. PLN 30,000.
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