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We care about dialog

Dialog with stakeholders helps in sustainable development. On the one hand, it raises the awareness of actions undertaken by the company and trust to us. On the other hand, it allows us to design our future actions so that the company develops in a responsible way, taking into account the needs of the social and the natural environment.

Dialog supports the implementation of our strategic goals, develops our company and our partners:

In subsequent years we want to further care about dialog. Our goals include, for instance:

We talk to employees and suppliers

We talk to various groups

Exchanging experience with market participants who have impact on our actions and which we also affect, is very important to us. Key groups of our stakeholders are, for instance, customers, employees, the most important suppliers – carriers and couriers, representatives of local communities as well as the scientific environment and students.

We conduct dialog with these groups based on the international standard AA 1000 which is based on three principles: inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness. Based on the map of key stakeholdersMap of Key Stakeholders DB Schenker Map of Stakeholders was defined during the process od creating the Code of Ethics. We are systematically reviewing groups of stakeholders, e.g. during the process of creating CSR strategy, during EFQM self-evaluation, when preparing next social reports. Every time, representatives of various areas in the company as well as the most important suppliers, e.g. carriers, participate in works on the stakeholders’ map. created in 2008 and verified in February 2017, we included them in the process of creating this report.

We conducted internal and external interview sessions, organized workshops for senior managers. We gathered opinions and expectations towards us as a socially responsible company. As a result, we established a list of the stakeholders' expectations which were included, e.g. in the selection of the content of this report.

Caring about effectiveness in business and the satisfaction of our partners, we run periodical satisfaction surveys for employees, key suppliers (carriers and couriers) customers and the customers' recipients. We acquire analyses and order reports in various areas of our organization's functioning, for instance, the research project DB Schenker as the Preferred Neighbor. The results of these surveys are included in the process of defining the content of this report.

DB Schenker Polska – Career

We have been present on Facebook since December 2016. New communication channels allow us to reach young people, educate them in logistics and encourage them to choose career paths in logistics.

Who belongs to our team

We know that we achieve the best results as a team. Each of us takes ownership of and pride in the work we deliver, the value we create and the role we play in making the world more sustainable.

We are one Team with one Goal

Our HR Policy Team supports the Company in providing professional personnel meeting our organization's current and future needs. This team acts according to the implemented policies as well as according to goals determined on an annual basis. It implements various actions and projects subjected to assessment on a current basis.

For instance, a Procedure for hiring employees was introduced for the proper and professional course of internal and external recruitment processes, according to the principles of equal treatment. It contains systematic information making the work of recruiting people easier. The manual is available to managers.

Graph 4.1. Structure of employees based on their sex and work
Graph 4.2. Structure of employees based on their age and work

Poland in our organizational structure is divided into 4 Regions but the employment is seen comprehensively through the prism of the entire country.

Employment for trial period Temporary employment Employment under a contract Replacement contract Total
2015 73 429 1,518 17 2,037
2016 93 494 1,539 2 2,128

98.1% of women and 99.7% of men in 2016 were employed full-time. In 2015 these values were 98.1% of women and 98.8% of men. The remaining people were employed at part-time positions.

None of our employees was covered by a collective agreement in the years 2015-2016.

We also employ employees from temporary employment agencies. The logistics trade is connected with seasonality. Therefore, we need more employees periodically, for instance, before Christmas. This ensures the continuity and agility of operations performed for our customers.

Our branches are often located in "industrial and logistics centers" where it is harder to acquire employees. We cooperate with Job Agencies and we also employ employees from Ukraine. We care about their conditions and comfort of life. We require the agencies not only to have work permits but also to provide apartment standards, transport to and from work, medical examinations, occupational health and safety trainings. Caring about safety in the workplace, we have prepared a special induction process for employees from Ukraine which includes a training movie as well as instructions in Ukrainian. Every day we conduct LEAN briefings with boards in Ukrainian and we have a dedicated foreman speaking this language.

We say what hurts us and we change it

We are honest and sincere towards others, we show respect to one another and we appreciate our diversity. We periodically measure the satisfaction of employees with the use of an independent research center guaranteeing full anonymous participation in the survey. Our people willingly talk about what they like and what and should be changed.

The frequency in the global employee satisfaction survey in 2016 in Poland amounted to 88% and was higher than the average for the DB Schenker Group.

We win together. We know that we achieve the best results as a team

Satisfaction surveys provide an enormous amount of knowledge about the needs and expectations of our employees. Our organization can benefit from this information. After the survey, we receive local reports, we analyze the results in teams, we design and implement corrective actions. As many as 75% of employees believe that we have jointly defined appropriate remedy/improving actions after the previous survey in 2014.

The employees also highly evaluated areas regarding cooperation and working conditions. They indicated the chances for development and higher remuneration as opportunities for improvement.

We are successful in cooperation with suppliers

We cooperate and develop business relations with the suppliers of products and services who offer the highest standards of cooperation as well as competitive commercial terms. We sign long-term agreement with subcontractors which allows us to offer our customers stable processes and a sense of safety.

The most important group of suppliers consists of transport companies (approx. 300) as well as couriers employed by them (approx. 3,000). They are "the ambassadors" of our services and brand, visiting our customers every day.

  • 300

    transport companies

  • 3,000

    uriers employed by transport companies

Our couriers do their best to deliver and collect consignments on time. Their work is assessed on a current basis, according to set out goals and meters. The couriers operate according to our values as well as the Code of Ethics, as well as regulations regarding safety. We expand the competences of our couriers by offering them participation in internal trainings in customer service, complaints, pallet management, safety in transport as well as in external trainings in safe and economic driving, or ADR courses.

Almost 100% of our couriers are men. The small number of women results from the specific nature of this profession and its cultural perception.

Graph 4.3. Age of our couriers in 2015
Graph 4.4. Age of our couriers in 2016

We care about safety so Security Agencies are important business partners. Despite the fact that security employees are not employed directly by us, they work at our locations and for our safety. We care about the quality of their work and its conditions. We employ them on terms which are more favorable than those generally approved on the market. With regard to working time – we introduced a 12/24 system (the standard on the market is 48/72). We require the agencies to employ their employees on the basis of an employment agreement, to comply with the agreed maximum number of working hours in a month, to have accident insurance and to organize induction trainings.

We ask the carriers and couriers about the quality of our relations

We are one team. Our couriers create our brand with us. The quality of their work but also the dialog and sense of satisfaction are very important to us.

We systematically examine our suppliers' satisfaction from cooperation. Thanks to a high frequency (more than 90% of completed surveys), we receive general reports for the entire Company, for each branch as well as individual reports for larger Carriers. Improvement initiatives are taken on the basis of the received results.


average satisfaction level of carriers and couriers from cooperation with DB Schenker according to the survey from 2016

Scale of the index:

  • 350 – 400 – very high level of satisfaction
  • 300 – 350 – high level of satisfaction
  • 200 – 300 – medium satisfaction level
  • 100 – 200 – low level of satisfaction
International drivers: 94% of them like their jobs, 80% of them have the impression that other people respect the work drivers perform

In general, it may be concluded from the survey that:

  • the vast majority of them want to continue cooperation with DB Schenker, the drivers have a sense of the stability of employment
  • the company's position on the market was evaluated very highly (93% of international carriers assess DB Schenker as a company with a stable, strong position on the market)
  • the compliance with ethical principles, social and charity activity as well as voluntary services conducted by the company were assessed positively
  • aspects which obtained high results include: help and friendly treatment in everyday work, professionalism and availability in contacts with the employees of DB Schenker, e.g. with the Dispatch Office, the Customer Service Department and people responsible for settlements
  • the speed of loading and unloading vehicles at DB Schenker terminals in Poland as well as the fact that international drivers cannot decide how to load the vehicle were indicated as opportunities for improvement
  • all aspects related to the atmosphere and communication with DB Schenker are assessed positively by the Carriers. Operational Heads received the best grades from carriers, both for their professionalism as well as availability. Regular meetings with carriers or the possibility to talk directly about what is happening in a given branch were assessed relatively worse.


of international carriers assess DB Schenker as a company with a stable, strong position on the market

We analyze the results and then implement improvements and changes in our processes.

We implement modern channels of communication with subcontractors

Investment projects in the field of IT technology in logistics have been revolutionizing the transport of goods.

We are introducing global innovations in order to automatize and digitalize our operations thus increasing our efficiency and profitability. In 2016 the DB Schenker Group invested USD 25 million in cooperation with uShip, an American on-line shipping marketplace. As a result, we gained access to the latest technologies and we intensified the digital transformation of our business model.

uShip and DB Schenker are perfectly matched partners in the macro-transformation process and IT innovations in logistics.

Drive4Schenker – we are investing in shaping the future of digital logistics

Only a full vehicle brings profit. Knowledge about available cargo in one place, easy management of consignments affects the better filling of vehicles. We know this perfectly well being one of the largest logistics operators in the world. That is why we created Drive4Schenker together with uShip. This is a technological breakthrough and a revolution in logistics management and planning transports.

Drive4Schenker is an on-line platform (the so-called marketplace) with offers of LTL and FTL carriages. The carrier logs in to the platform and may access all transport offers posted by DB Schenker branches in Europe. He may quickly choose the routes and cargo that interest him as well as propose a price. This is supported by various search options, e.g. the location, the size of the cargo. Due to Drive4Schenker drivers have access to all necessary data via a mobile phone.


revolutionizes communication with carriers, makes the flow of information automatic which, in turn, provides our customers with services at the highest level in a short time. Better filling of vehicles, elimination of the so-called empty courses in Europe are the benefits for the business and the environment.

We listen to our customers

Our customers appreciate us

The dialog with customers is a continuous process, affecting our operating activities. We have implemented numerous procedures, among others, the Key Customer Service Process, Standards of Telephone Service. We analyze notifications and respond to the needs and expectations of our customers on a current basis. We communicate with them using any possible channels, for instance, via direct contact of our couriers and sales representatives, the management personnel, everyday operational support of Customer Service Departments, dedicated Key Customer managers, efficient services related to invoices, complaints.

We examine the opinions of customers regarding the quality of services on a current basis with the use of independent research companies. Additionally, we monitor the satisfaction of consignment recipients with services provided by our couriers. The obtained feedback helps us improve our processes and adapt our services to the market demand and requirements.

We place customers in the heart of our business.

The satisfaction of DB Schenker customers is measured on the basis of the NPS (net promoter score) approach. The survey consists in obtaining an answer to one question regarding the willingness to recommend our services to a friend. Depending on the answer on a 10-point scale, the respondents are divided into 3 groups of customers: promoters, passive customers and critics. When we deduct the percentage of critics from promoters, we receive the net result, namely the net promoter score. The survey is conducted with the use of telephone interviews.


NPS at the end of 2016

Positive NPS values are considered a good result on the market, while values above 50% – a perfect result. Customers may provide us with comments / opinions regarding our cooperation during the survey. They usually relate to such aspects as: price, punctuality, quality, communication (flow of information, access to information)

We also participate in global, corporate customer satisfaction surveys for the DB Schenker Group. Customers in Poland in 2015 appreciated our global network, our integrated logistics solutions, the knowledge of our employees about the market and environmentally friendly services (care about the environment)

Couriers are assessed highly

Our couriers create our brand with us. We regularly ask customers and their recipients about satisfaction from the cooperation with our couriers.

Our couriers' work deserves "a nine and a plus"

In 2015 and 2016 DB Schenker couriers were assessed by our customers at 9.5 in a 10-point scale.

According to our customers, our couriers are:

  • kind

  • on time

  • helpful

We conduct a dialog with the environment

We want to be the Preferred neighbor

We are aware of inconveniences for the inhabitants connected with our presence. Our terminals operate 24 hours a day which may be the cause of burdensome noise, e.g. in the night. Despite the fact that we perform great investment projects and we move the company's branches outside cities, we still have neighbors. We are aware that they may feel the negative effects of our operations. The nature of services provided to our customers involves the presence of several thousand vehicles on the roads every day which has a negative impact on the environment and traffic safety..

We run projects aimed at building relations, good neighborhood and learning about mutual relationships.

In January 2017 Leszek Osiecki, Head of the Poznań Region of DB Schenker, won the Tarnowskie Lwy award in the category: "Polish Manager of a Foreign Brand" These are prizes for businesses and entrepreneurs who particularly contribute to the development of the Tarnowo Podgórne commune.

We ask, we listen, we act

The research project "DB Schenker as the Preferred Neighbor" is the dialog with neighbors around our 17 terminals. So far, we have completed three editions of the project – in 2010, 2012 and 2016.

We ask our neighbors how they perceive our impact on the local economy, the job market, safety, the natural environment or peace and silence. The inhabitants also assess the involvement in charity activities and relationships with the local community. They indicate areas requiring support from the business.

3 × i:
we initiate, we integrate and we inspire

The dialog with the society results in raising the level of trust towards the Company, but also in increasing the co-responsibility for undertaken initiatives. Their transparency is very important. This way, we contribute to increasing the social capital in Poland and shaping civil attitudes.

In 2016 we conducted 85 in-depth interviews with opinion leaders in local communities near our branches. We created an on-line survey which was filled in by 506 inhabitants. The inhabitants of Wrocław and Warsaw shared their opinions most willingly, then – Katowice, Poznań, Łódź and Gdynia. These are large agglomerations where the level of congestion on roads, inconveniences caused by noise and environmental contamination are the highest.

  • 85

    in-depth interviews with opinion leaders in local communities

  • 506

    inhabitants filled in the on–line survey

We also organized a dialog meeting in Białystok which was attended by 16 people – representatives of public institutions, non-governmental organizations as well as local business.

Our neighbors appreciate our role. They emphasize that:

  • we initiate campaigns and events addressed to the inhabitants
  • we integrate the local community, we are able to engage others around a given idea
  • we inspire the vicinity to be active in social and economic actions.

Our corporate volunteering program "Time for Help" is assessed highly, while environmentally-friendly initiatives are opportunities for improvement.

The results of the surveys measure the effectiveness of our actions for local communities. After the survey, a comprehensive report for the Company as well as 17 reports for each branch are created. Based on them we plan further actions related to social commitment in specific locations of the Company.

We share our experience with the market

We cooperate with our stakeholders
  • Janusz Górski, CEO, is a member of the Program Council of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, as well as the Program Council of Global Compact.
  • We cooperate with universities. We are a Partner of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Our managers take part in lectures, sharing their practical knowledge with students. We organize workshops devoted to CSR and compliance. We have a website dedicated to students
  • We organize meetings and workshops with customers aimed at improving cooperation. We share knowledge related to building the Lean culture, safety and responsible company and employee management
  • We organize meetings and workshops for transport companies cooperating with us, including related to the market situation, tendencies, the expectations of our customers. We also create ecological awareness, we talk about ethics and compliance
  • Our speakers are present at conferences on various topics, e.g. regarding logistics, sustainable development, project management, compliance
  • As part of the program "Time for Help" DB Schenker volunteers build ecological awareness in local communities and awareness related to safety on the roads
  • Via the survey "DB Schenker as the Preferred Neighbor" addressed to the local communities we create awareness of corporate responsibility
  • Our actions are published every year in the report "Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices" of the Responsible Business Forum.
  • We have published numerous materials in nationwide and local media on topics related to sustainable development.

Our approach to social responsibility is subjected to external assessment – every year we take part in the Ranking of Responsible Companies of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. We have been the leader of the trade continuously since 2011.


we were ranked 1st in the Ranking of Responsible Companies in 2017 & 2015. In 2016 we were ranked 4th.

We cooperate with organizations

We build partner relations with institutions and organizations. Organizations and associations we cooperate with include:

  • UNGC
  • Polish Confederacy of Private Employers Lewiatan
  • SGH Corporate Partners Club
  • Spring Association
  • Our Earth Foundation
  • Food Banks Federation
  • Association of International Road Carriers in Poland
  • Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland
  • Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Trade
  • Polish International Freight Forwarder Association
  • Central Institute for Labor Protection – National Research Institute
  • Association of Employers ECR Poland

We are a member of numerous organizations, such as: "Lewiatan" and the Polish International Freight Forwarder Association (PISiL). As a result, well may cooperate and share our experience with other companies as well as influence the legislation process in Poland.

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