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About us

We are a part of the international DB Schenker Group which in turn is a part of the Deutsche Bahn AG concern. We are a leading supplier of integrated logistics services in the world with annual sales exceeding EUR 15 billion.

Letter from the CEO

We care about what is important for our
customers, employees and suppliers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are a global logistics operator. We advance businesses and lives by shaping the way our world connects. DB Schenker is operating in more than 130 countries all over the world, and our history began as early as 145 years ago.

We care about what is important for our customers, employees and suppliers: we care about development, safety and dialog. We want DB Schenker to be a workplace to which employees come with curiosity and pleasure, where they can develop.

We care about the development of our customers. We think about meeting not only their current needs, but also future ones. We try to adapt to new trends as best as possible – digital economy, the development of e-commerce or the sharing economy.

We cooperate with universities. We want young people who will shape the future of our country to be able to cooperate with the best companies and we want them to consider their workplace attractive.

Our operations have impact on the environment. We build modern, ecological terminals outside cities. We try to reduce the emission of noise and CO2. We build ecological awareness among our employees.

We care about safety on roads. We conduct trainings for our drivers regarding safe and economical driving.

I encourage all of you to explore our fourth Corporate Responsibility Report. The quality of our economic and social life is increasing due to the fact that companies are involved in reporting. The social capital also grows.

Janusz Górski

CEO DB Schenker North&East Europe

Who we are

145 years of experience in logistics!

Gottfried Schenker founded the company in Austria in 1872. Today, the DB Schenker Group provides logistics solutions for business all over the world, employing more than 68,000 people in 130 countries.

We are continuously developing to meet not only the current needs of our customers but also the future ones, taking into account new trends – the digital economy, the development of e-commerce or the sharing economy.

We adjust our processes and our organizational structure to the challenges of the contemporary world, such as the instability and variability of markets.

We focus on:

  • increasing the effectiveness by building a LEAN culture
  • providing our customers with innovative and high-quality solutions, respecting the natural environment.
We have been developing companies and people for 145 years!

Until May 2016 the DB Schenker Group consisted of two businesses: DB Schenker Logistics (integrated logistics solutions) as well as DB Schenker Rail (cargo rail transport). As of the end of April 2016 DB Schenker Rail was converted into DB Cargo. DB Schenker Logistics returned to the name DB Schenker. Therefore, only DB Schenker remained on the market – a global logistics operator. This is us!

The year 2016 also saw the end of changes in the European structures of DB Schenker. As a result, the Polish branch of the Company became the leader in the Cluster North&East Europe, next to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus. Janusz Górski, the CEO of DB Schenker in Poland, became the CEO North&East Europe. Many senior managers also took managerial functions in our Cluster.

We are opening the world for Poland

We are managing global supply chains for producers, exporters and importers of leading brands. We employ more than 2,000 employees in Poland. We are constantly cooperating with approx. 3,000 couriers from transportation companies – our most important suppliers. We are one team. We challenge each other and ourselves to do better and aim higher every day.




We provide comprehensive logistics solutions for business.

We provide comprehensive logistic solutions for business: land (road, rail, intermodal), ocean, air, contract logistics.

We have the strongest logistics network in Poland. We have 17 branches with cross-docking (handling) terminals, connected with daily, regular vehicle routes. In addition, our customers are served by 12 logistic warehouses, air, ocean, railway and multi-modal offices as well as customs agencies. As a result, the customers' goods quickly end up on shelves in stores and on production lines.

The logistics network in Poland is integrated with the global DB Schenker network. We support the global exchange of goods. We support Polish companies in the global market. This way, we strengthen the competitive advantage and the implementation of business objectives of our customers from various trades.

More information at: www.dbschenker.pl

What is our work?

We create global solutions beyond borders and maximum value for everyone.

We provide our customers with logistics with the use of all means of transport and storage. We operate known brands – manufacturers, importers and exporters from various trades.

Due to the comprehensive nature of our network, the customers' goods in Poland are delivered from senders to recipients within 24 hours. More than 3,000 vehicles collect goods from any place in Poland every day. They are handled in our 17 cross-docking terminals according to their place of destination. The goods travel in the night to other DB Schenker branches to reach the appropriate recipients the next day – production lines or store shelves.

  • more than 3,000

    vehicles collect goods every day
  • 24 hours

    the customers' goods are delivered from senders to recipients within 24 hours
  • 17

    handling terminals

We manage global supply chains, connecting the global trade and industrial centers.

We cooperate with suppliers, for instance, with road carriers (approx. 300 companies) who have trucks and employ couriers. We also cooperate with sea shipowners, airlines as well as developer companies and administrators of storage areas.

We deliver solutions

We offer comprehensive logistics solutions with the use of all branches of transport (road, railway, intermodal, air, ocean), storage as well as modern technologies. We care about the safety of people and consignments as well as about the natural environment while performing the ordered services.

We handle more than 10 million consignments per year! This is equal to 4 million tons of our customers' products!

Due to the network of land, air and ocean connections and the warehouse logistics, the goods of our customers reach the global and European markets according to the principle "safely and on time".

Solutions based on land transport

  • DB SCHENKERsystem – solutions using pallets for protecting the merchandise
  • DB SCHENKERparcels – package consignments
  • DB SCHENKERdirect – direct LTL and FTL land consignments
  • DB SCHENKERrailog – railway logistics
  • DB SCHENKERhome – solutions for e–commerce in the segment of large household appliances.

Solutions based on air transport

  • DB SCHENKERjetcargo first – express delivery
  • DB SCHENKERjetcargo business – fast delivery
  • DB SCHENKERjetcargo economy – regular service

Solutions based on ocean transport

  • DB SCHENKERcombine – less than container load (LCL)
  • DB SCHENKERcomplete – full container load (FCL)
  • DB SCHENKERprojects – non-standard, oversize consignments
  • DB SCHENKERskybridge – combination of air and ocean solutions

Warehouse logistics

We manage logistics warehouses for customers from various trades located in and around major Polish business centers. We offer comprehensive services: storage services as well as additional services generating the so-called VAS (Value Added Services) for the customer, including transportation and distribution.

Special services

  • Oversize consignments: dedicated logistics projects for consignments which, because of their size, weight or the special nature of carriage, require individual solutions
  • ADR, IATA DGR, IMDG, RID – logistics service for dangerous goods in transportation and storage
  • Logistics of sport events – comprehensive services for various groups of customers responsible for the organization of large sports events, such as the Olympic Games, world championships and international sports events

We undertake new challenges, we introduce innovative services resulting from the needs of our customers and the changing world. The project "Circular Logistics" implemented in 2016 may be an example. DB SCHENKERhome offers a service consisting in receiving used household appliances from individual customers. The buyers do not need to worry about the disposal of used appliances. They arrange the reception of the appliance at a time convenient for them. The product is sent to a processing plant where it is recycled. Such solution is convenient for the consumer and beneficial in environmental and economic terms.

We care about our financial results

We develop in a stable and safe manner – in Poland and all over the world

Graph 1.1 Total revenues in PLN billion
Graph 1.2 EBIT / EBITDA in PLN million
Graph 1.3 Employees' remuneration in PLN million
Graph 1.4 Taxes and investment outlays in PLN million
Graph 1.5 Financial results in the DB Group (EUR billion)

According to the precautionary principle, DB Schenker analyzes all known events that may have a negative impact on the financial result. For this purpose, the main assets, namely receivables, are assessed in terms of the probability of the business partners' insolvency. Provisions for events which may result in a high probability of losses, for instance accidents in transportation, are created with regard to liabilities.

Who creates us – the Company's capital

Legal name: Schenker Sp. z o.o.

Headquarters address: Warsaw, ul. Żwirki i Wigury 18

Share capital: PLN 186,294,430

99.66% of the equity capital is owned by DB Polska Holding Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Zabrze, and the remaining 0.34% belongs to 214 individual shareholders. Shares remaining from two deceased partners were redeemed in the reporting period. One of the shareholders sold their shares to DB Polska Holding Sp. z o.o.

Graph 1.6 Equity capital of the company Schenker Sp. z o.o.

Schenker Sp. z o.o. owned a subsidiary in which it had 100% of shares: Scanspol Sp. z o.o. It was taken over on January 28, 2015

According to the Polish Code of Commercial Companies, Schenker Sp. z o.o. has a Supervisory Board and a Meeting of Shareholders.

Who verifies us – the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has constant supervision over the functioning of the organization. It consists of three members appointed for a three-year-term of office. Until June 2016 the members were Goran Aberg – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mikael Dalenius and Karsten Keller. The composition of the Supervisory Board changed in June 2016. Currently it consists of: Ewald Keiser – Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Natachia Antonis and Karsten Keller.

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    • Goran Aberg

      (until June 2016)
    • Ewald Keiser

  • Members of the Supervisory Board
    • Mikael Dalenius

      (until June 2016)
    • Karsten Keller

      (until June 2016 and currently)
    • Natachia Antonis


None of the members of the Supervisory Board receive remuneration for their work, are an employee or a Managing Director at Schenker Sp. z o.o.

The duties of the Managing Director are performed by the CEO appointed by a resolution of the Supervisory Board. The CEO's function is performed by Janusz Górski who serves as one-person management.

The Supervisory Board acts on the basis of the Polish Code of Commercial Companies, the Articles of Association and the Supervisory Board Regulations approved by the Meeting of Shareholders. This ensures the avoidance of a conflict of interest. The Board gathers at least twice a year and carries out ongoing tasks (individual meetings, e-mails, telephone calls). The Supervisory Board uses the results of internal audits, quarterly audits performed by consulting companies as well as process audits in its management of economic, environmental and social issues.

Once a year the Meeting of Shareholders approves the report of the Supervisory Board and decides on granting discharge to the members of the Board for the following year.

Employees and shareholders may submit their recommendations to the Supervisory Board in writing via the Management.

Our principles

We care about our employees, suppliers, customers and the environment. We deliver global logistics solutions. We develop in a sustainable manner. We build a LEAN culture. We are constantly improving and eliminating wastage. This way, we provide value to our customers, employees and partners. We want to be the best employer and a preferred neighbor. We build relations with local communities. We conduct business operations taking into account the impact on the natural environment.

We are driven by values

  • Our vision

    • We are delivering the future
  • Our values

    • Customer satisfaction
    • Honesty and reliability
    • Professionalism
    • Trust and cooperation
    • Improvement and development
  • Our mission

    • We add values
    • We unleash resources

We co-create our customers' present and future successes on the market. We care about the continuous development and future of our employees and suppliers. We look beyond the existing and ask ourselves ‘Is there a better or faster way?’ – sparking innovation that moves our customers and industry forward. As a result, we are building the position of DB Schenker as a global leader in logistics.

We are developing in 3 directions

Economy, Society, Environment are the three strategic directions of the global DB Group and our in Poland.

    Customer and Quality.
    Profitable growth.

    We want to create Responsible Supply Chains. Our goals include: partner relationships with customers, carriers and other suppliers.


    Lean culture.
    "0" accidents.

    We want to be a preferred employer and neighbor. Our goals include, among others, the development of employees and couriers, safe working conditions and cooperation with local communities.


    Reducing the emission of CO2.

    We want to be a pioneer of green logistics. Our goal is to introduce ecological services and reduce the emission of CO2 in supply chains.

We have signed the Declaration of Polish Business for Sustainable Development. The document "Vision of Sustainable Development for Polish Business 2050" is consistent with the assumptions of our strategy. We declare, for instance, that we will conduct business operations on the basis of dialog and trust, raise the level of ethics in business, promote new technologies, cooperate with academic centers, provide our employees with the opportunities to develop, as well as reduce the consumption of energy and limit the negative effect on the natural environment.

We support the goals of UN Sustainable Development

Goal 11
Sustainable cities and communities
Prof. Halina Brdulak
Warsaw School of Economics

In September 2015 the United Nations (UN) adopted 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thanks to the SDGs people should lead better lives, live more healthily and more safely in social, environmental and economic terms in 2030. The governments of states are responsible for their implementation but their achievement will not be possible without the involvement of business.

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